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Planting vegetalbes on plastic with a water wheel planter 
Simmental cattle
Field work
Views from our roadstand and farmers markets.
Farm cuties

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Making round hay bales
250 new baby chicks to be raised for roasters 4-13-2011
Laying Plastic -  The tractor pulls a special piece of equipment that lays the plastic that we grow our plants on.  Special care is taken to make sure all the edges of the plastic are under ground...if not the wind can pick it up and ruin the plants. A hose runs under the plastic that has small holes in it to water the plants.  It is called a drip irrigation system.  These small hoses from each row will connect to a larger hose that runs the length of the field and attaches to the water source.  It is controlled so that if we have sufficient rain, we don't need to irrigate as often. Fertilizer can be fed to the plants through this same hose.  As you can see, it is a family affair as most things are here on the farm.                    
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  Planting Blueberry Bushes

Rows are made in advance with raised beds.  A mixture of peat moss and sand are added to the freshly tilled soil. 

Bushes are planted 4 ft. apart. They range in age of 3 yrs. to 4 yrs. old.  The older the bush the more mature they are and can start to produce berries.
                        2013 Season

From equipment, to cattle, growing crops, fresh vegetables, bees chickens, a crazy goat, beautiful flowers, eggs, hay, cleaning onions, the next generation of farmers, and amber waves of grain.  We are blessed with it all.
 2017 Fall Season
Corn maze and other fun things 
Working on our future farming skills